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Lathe Machine

  1. Lathe Machine
  2. Working Principle of Lathe Machine
  3. Main Operative Parts of Lathe Machine
  4. Classification of Lathes Machine
  5. Specifications of a Lathe Machine
  6. Construction of Lathe Machine
  7. Function of Lathe Machine
  8. Lathe Machine Cutting Oils
  9. Care and Maintenance of Lathe Machine
  10. Difference between Capstan Lathe and Turret Lathe
  11. Lathe Accessories and Attachments
  12. Lathe Machine Accessories
  13. Work Holding and Supporting Devices in Lathe Machine
  14. Lathe Machine Tool Post and it Types
  15. Lathe Dogs
  16. Advantages and Disadvantages of Lathe Mandrels
  17. Lathe Mandrels and it Types
  18. Lathe Revolving Center
  19. Lathe Dead Center
  20. Lathe Centers
  21. Drill Holding Devices
  22. Lathe Tool Holders
  23. Lathe Chucks and it Types
  24. Lathe Collets
  25. Lathe Machine Face Plate
  26. Lathe Drive Plate
  27. Lathe Carriage Stops
  28. Advantages and Disadvantages of Lathe Work Holding between Centers
  29. Advantages of Using a Lathe Taper Turning Attachment
  30. Lathe Taper Turning Attachment
  31. Lathe Relieving Attachment
  32. Lathe Milling Attachment
  33. Lathe Boring Attachment
  34. Lathe Grinding Attachment
  35. Advantages and Disadvantages of Split Collet Chuck
  36. Advantages and Disadvantages of Self-Centering Chuck
  37. Advantages and Disadvantages of Face Plate
  38. Advantages and Disadvantages of Four Jaws Chuck
  39. Advantages and Disadvantages of Multi-Jaw Collet Chuck
  40. Size of a Lathe Machine
  41. Lathe Machine Safety Precaution
  42. Types of Lathe Machine
  43. Parts of Lathe Cutting Tool
  44. Types of Lathe Tool Bits
  45. Lathe Machine Cutting Tool Life
  46. Lathe Machine Grinding of Cutting Tools
  47. Lathe Machine Cutting Tool Angles
  48. Mounting Work in a Three-Jaw Chuck
  49. Mounting Work in Four-Jaws Chuck
  50. Difference between Three Jaws and Four Jaws Chuck
  51. Lathe Chalk Method
  52. Using a Dial Indicator
  53. Using Surface Gauge
  54. Centering Operation Lathe
  55. Facing Operation Lathe
  56. Compound Slide Set over Method
  57. Forming Tool Method
  58. Methods of Taper Turning
  59. Tailstock Off-Set Method
  60. Drilling Operation Lathe
  61. Boring Operation Lathe
  62. Reaming Operation Lathe
  63. Knurling Operation Lathe
  64. Multi-Start Threads
  65. Thread and Thread Cutting
  66. Lathe Thread Chasing Dial
  67. Micrometer Carriage Stop of Lathe Machine
  68. Methods of Locating Centres Lathe Machine
  69. Operations Performed by a Lathe Machine
  70. Objective

  71. Lathe Machine - Fill in the Blanks
  72. Lathe Machine - Multiple Choice Questions (Mcqs)
  73. Lathe Machine - True and False
  74. Lathe Machine Cutting Tools - Fill in the Blanks
  75. Lathe Cutting Tools - Multiple Choice Questions
  76. Lathe Cutting Tools - True and False
  77. Lathe Machine Operation - Multiple Choice Questions
  78. Lathe Machine Operation - Fill In the Blanks
  79. Lathe Machine Operation - True and False
  80. Capstan and Turret Lathe

  81. Capstan and Turret Lathes
  82. Types of Turret Lathe
  83. Tooling Principle Capstan and Turret Lathe
  84. Capstan and Turret Lathe Operations
  85. Indexing Turret Lathe
  86. Tool Layout Capstan and Turret Lathe
  87. Work Holding Attachments Capstan and Turret Lathe
  88. Attachments Used on Capstan and Turret Lathe
  89. Difference between Turret Lathe and Engine Lathe

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