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Water and Steam Turbines

    Water Turbine

  1. Classification of Water Turbines
  2. Advantages of Water Turbines
  3. Development of Water Turbines
  4. Difference between Thermal Power and Hydro Power
  5. Difference between Horizontal and Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
  6. Advantages and Disadvantages of Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
  7. Francis Turbine

  8. Francis Turbine
  9. Main Components of Francis Turbine
  10. Construction of Francis Turbine
  11. Working of Francis Turbine
  12. Advantage and Disadvantage of Francis Turbine
  13. Difference between Francis turbine and Kaplan turbine
  14. Kaplan Turbine

  15. Kaplan Turbine
  16. Main Components of Kaplan Turbine
  17. Classification of Kaplan Turbine
  18. Construction of Kaplan Turbine
  19. Working of Kaplan Turbine
  20. Advantages and Disadvantage of Kaplan Turbine
  21. Impulse Turbine

  22. Impulse Turbine
  23. Main Components of Impulse Turbine
  24. Number of Jets of a Pelton Wheel
  25. Pelton Wheel
  26. Work Done by an Impulse Turbine
  27. Construction and Working of Impulse Turbine
  28. Principle of Impulse Turbine
  29. Advantages and Disadvantages of Impulse Turbine
  30. Difference between Impulse Turbine and Reaction Turbine
  31. Reaction Turbine

  32. Reaction Turbine
  33. Main Components of Reaction Turbine
  34. Working of Reaction Turbine
  35. Principle of Reaction Turbine
  36. Advantages and Disadvantages of Reaction Turbine
  37. Steam Turbine

  38. Working of Steam Turbine
  39. Classification of Steam Turbines
  40. Losses in Steam Turbines
  41. Steam Turbine Control
  42. Difference between Throttle Governing and Nozzle Control Governing
  43. Governing of Steam Turbines
  44. Internal Efficiency of a Stage or Turbine
  45. Efficiencies of Steam Turbines
  46. Advantages and Disadvantages of Velocity Compounded Impulse Turbine

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