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Lathe Machine Tool Post and it Types

Lathe Machine Tool Post and it Types Points : Lathe Machine Tool Post and it Types, type of lathe machine tool post Tool post fixed keen on the T-slots of compound rest take the cutting tool. Tool posts might differ is design other than in common following main type is in use:
1. Quick Release Tool Post
2. Index Tool Post
3. Pillar Type Tool Post
4. Clamp Type Tool Post
5. Turret (4-Way) Tool Post
6. Super Six Index Turret
1. Quick Release Tool Post This tool post is currently gradually more used. An infinite number of tools conduct is preset in the holders prepared for use. Tool height is rapidly and simply adjusted through means of fasten, and can be pre-set for every tool gone as of the lathe. 2. Index Tool Post This type tool post allocates four tools to be mounting on turret at the similar point. Every tool is protected separately, which give the elasticity to use as of one to four tools at the same time. The exceptional, indexing system of the turret allow it to be put in 24 positions, at each 15° for the widest series of machining process. It is feasible to index as of one cutting tool to one more in less than one second, by a repeatability of millionth of an edge. 3. Pillar Type Tool Post Pillar Type Tool Post is also known as American Pillar, tool post is generally used for light function lathes. Tool height is fast and simply adjusted by shake the boat portion in its round seating. Unluckily, this kind of tool post lacks inflexibility suitable to the project of the tool. Advance, alteration of the boat piece varies the useful cutting angles. 4. Clamp Type Tool Post Clamp type tool post is also known as English Clamp, tool post is easy and forceful, other than suffer as of some difficulty. Height of tool preserve only is familiar by the dull method of addition or subtracting stuffing and shims until, tool is at the exact height with in line by spindle axis. This has to be constant all time the tool adjusts. Additional simply one tool is accepted at an occasion and, while machining a small batch of compound components, fast tool change is not feasible. 5. Turret (4-Way) Tool Post This type tool post saved tool change while make a set of mechanism, every tool being swing into place as necessary. Limitation of this array is that figure of tool is constrained to four and that the vertical alteration is by insert packing below the tool. Shank size of the tool is too limited. 6. Super Six Index Turret Index turret tool post is intended to make simpler and amplify the machining efficiency on Engine Lathes while multi process work need the use of other than one tool. Rotary index turret preserve be set by as various as six tools for outside and inside machining process. This unit allocates height adjustment for every tool and tool change can be prepared in below one second.

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