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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Cylindrical, Grinding, Operation

Cylindrical, Grinding, Operation Points : Cylindrical, Grinding, Operation, Traverse Grinding, Plunge Grinding Cylindrical grinding produces a cylindrical or conical shape on a work-piece. The work-piece is mounted between centers or in a chuck, and the face of the grinding wheel passes over the external surface of the revolving piece. Straight, taper, and form grinding is possible using this technique. Cylindrical grinding is done on either plain or universal cylindrical grinding machines.
The modem cylindrical grinder is economical practicable to machine hardened steel parts to tolerances of 1/1 00000 (0.00001) in. or 0.000204 mm with extremely fine surface finishes. Two variations of cylindrical grinding are:
1. Traverse Grinding A fixed , amount of material is removed from the rotating work as it moves past the revolving grinding wheel. Work wider than the face of the grinding wheel can be ground. 2. Plunge Grinding In this technique the work still rotates. However, it is not necessary to give it a reciprocating motion because the surface being ground is no wider than the face of a grinding wheel. Grinding wheel in feed is continuous rather than incremental minute changes made of regular intervals.

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