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Screwed Joints

Screwed Joints Points : Screwed Joints, Definition, What is Screwed Joints Screw thread is produced by cutting a constant helical groove on cylindrical surface. Screw prepared by cutting a single helical groove on cylinder is identified as single threaded screw and if a next thread is cut in space among grooves of first, a double threaded screw is formed. Equally, triple with quadruple (i.e. multiple-start) threads might be produced. Helical grooves might be cut also right hand or left hand.

Screwed joint is generally composed of two fundamentals i.e. a bolt and nut. Screwed joints are extensively use where machine parts are necessary to be readily attached or detached with no damage to machine or fastening. This might be for function of holding or adjustment in assembly or service inspection, repair, or replacement or it might be for mechanized or assembly reason.

The parts may be rigidly connected or provisions may be made for predetermined relative motion.

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