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Construction of Centrifugal Pump

Construction of Centrifugal Pump Points : Construction of Centrifugal Pump, Impeller, Suction pipe, Suction and delivery pipe, Casing, Gland and shaft Centrifugal pump has following major components:
1. Impeller
2. Suction pipe
3. Suction and delivery pipe
4. Casing
5. Gland and shaft
1. Impeller Impeller is rotate element of centrifugal pump. It gives centrifugal acceleration to fluid so that fluid has superior angular momentum while it leaves the impeller. Impeller has a number of rounded vanes. The impeller is able to be a. open type impeller. b. close type impeller. 2. Suction pipe This is a tube whose one end is attached to inlet flange of pump and other end dips into water pump. In suction pipe a foot valve with a non-return valve are fixed at lower end of suction pipe. 3. Suction and delivery pipe Suction pipe have its one end submerge in pump with other end is attached to inlet of pump flange. The end of delivery is linked to outlet of pump with the other end delivers the water to overhead tank. 4. Casing This is an sealed way surrounding impeller. Casing can 1. volute casing in which part of flow enlarge steadily. 2. Vortex casing in a circular chamber is initiate in among casing with the impeller, and 3. Diffuser casing in which diffuser contain a sequence of guide varies surroundings the impeller. 5. Gland and shaft Shaft of pump is attached to shaft of motor. Gland is give on shaft to give packing with preferred Seal so that water might not leak out as of the pump.

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