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Accessories for Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder

Accessories for Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder Points : Accessories for Universal Tool and Cutter Grinder, Center Gauge, Tooth Rests The range of operations that can be performed with the universal tool and cutter grinder is broadened by means of suitable accessories. Many attachments, accessories and specially formed grinding wheels are used on this machine. Because of the wide variety of work performed, no attempt will be made to cover completely all possible setups. However some accessories. Among such accessories are the center gauge and tooth rests, which will be discussed here. 1. Center Gauge The center gauge is useful in making setups for tool and cutter grinding. It is used for setting the head, the footstock, and the tooth rest in line with the center of the wheel spindle. Alignment is necessary in grinding cylindrical work and in setting milling cutters and reamers for proper tooth clearance. A slot is milled in the wheel-head in line with the center of the spindle. The center gauge, can be set at the same height as the center of the spindle of the head and footstock .The knee of the machine is adjusted vertically until the center gauge touched the bottom of the slot. The two centers can then be brought into perfect alignment with the center of the wheel spindle. 2. Tooth Rests A tooth rest is an important tool-holding device used to support the tooth while the cutter is in the grinding machine. Several types of tooth rests, are used to permit different types of cutters to be sharpened. The supporting bracket, can be mounted on the work table or on the grinding wheel housing. Tooth rest can be mounted either on the machine table or on the wheel-head, depending on the cutter, to be sharpened. The distance between the end of the rest and base should be short to support the tooth rigidly. Usually, there are two types of tooth rests furnished with the machine: the plain and micrometer. The micrometer tooth rest has a micrometer adjustment, graduated in thousandths of an inch or hundredth of a millimeter for close adjustment. The tooth rest can be mounted on the top or bottom of the wheel-head, or on the table. The extension bar and universal joint make the various positions possible.

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