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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Lathe Machine Grinding of Cutting Tools

Lathe Machine Grinding of Cutting Tools Points : Lathe Machine Grinding of Cutting Tools In work shop extensive quantity of capital is locked up in variety of tools. As the price of cutting tools is twenty times superior to the price of common steel, the yearly cost incur on the former is important. As a effect of working, lb edge steadily become dull and requirements re-sharpening. Re-sharpening of tool is passed out on a grinding wheel. Used for this reason the tool is held upto the grinding wheel with grinding is made on both the edge and the side or face of grinding wheel. Grinding on the edge of grinding wheel is faster. While a tool is ground, a large quantity of hear is generate. To take the heat away and enhance tool life, a constant stream of coolant must flow over Ii. Grinding a tool with quenching it frequently in water is not a good observe. First, the side rake and side consent surfaces are ready in preferred shapes. After that all tool angles are ready to the essential precision.

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