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Grinding Wheel

Grinding Wheel Points : Grinding Wheel, Definition Definition Grinding like milling, drilling, sawing, planning and turning, is a cutting operation. However, instead of having one, two or a multiple of cutting edges working, grinding makes use of an abrasive tool composed of thousands of cutting edges.
The grinding wheel might be compared to a many toothed milling cutter as each of the abrasive particles is .actually separate cutting edge. Take any grinding wheel and examine it, with a magnifying glass. It will be observed that the wheel is made up of a great many particles of abrasive bounded together. There are various materials used to hold. The crystals of abrasives together. They are called Bonds. Some wheels are much coarser than others, the size of the p partials of abrasive determines the coarseness or fineness of the wheel, as similarly, the size of the tooth determines the coarseness or fineness of a file.

To do a good job of grinding, one must understand abrasives and grinding wheels, Here natural and here natural and manufactured/synthetic abrasives are described and the bonds and abrasives used in making grinding wheels, the different grades and shapes or grinding wheels, and the selection of the proper grinding wheel for different types of work.

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