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Compound Microscope

Compound Microscope Points : Compound Microscope, Construction, Working principle, Working Definition: Microscope is an optical instrument which is used to see the magnified image of very small objects such as germs, and other objects.
Construction: Compound microscope consists of two convex (converging) lenses.
• Objective
• Eye – piece
1. Objective: It is placed near the object and is of small focal length. 2. Eye- Piece: It is placed near the eye and is of large focal length. Working principle: In compound microscope combination of two lenses is used
• When an object is placed between the F and 2F of a convex lens, a real magnified and inverted image of the object is formed.
• When an object is placed inside the focal length of a convex lens, a magnified erect and virtual image of the object is seen through the lens.
Working: • Consider an object ‘AB’ is placed just outside the focal length of the objective.
• The objective forms an enlarged real inverted image A’ B’ within the focal length of eyepiece.
• The first image A’ B’ now act as object for eyepiece which then act as magnifying glass and forms a high magnified virtual image.

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