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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Operations Performed by a Lathe Machine

Operations Performed by a Lathe Machine Points : Operations Performed by a Lathe Machine, Turning, Facing, Reaming, Milling, Grinding, Boring, Counter boring, Knurling, Spinning, Threading, Roll forming, Spring winding 1. Turning Turning operation occupies different process of removal of material as of the outer surface of a work-piece to take finished surfaces, while the job rotates beside a single point cutting tool. Surfaces might be of consistent stepped, diameter, Contoured or tapered. 2. Facing Facing is process of finishing the ends of work. Work might be held on centers in a chuck, or a faceplate. The ends of a correctly faced piece will be square. Surface might be tested by the edging of a rule. Function of facing work in a chuck is similar as that of facing among centers to take a true, flat surface and to cut the work to length. 3. Reaming Drilled hole is constantly larger than diameter of the drill. While a rightly round hole of a sure diameter by straight and smooth walls is required, the hole must first be drilled 0.5mm smaller o than the final diameter of hole with after that reamed. To make the reaming process on a lathe machine, a machine reamer is use. Speed for reaming must be-much slower than for drill as lathe feed is generally faster than for drilling. 4. Grinding The work-piece is held among the centres with the grinding process is passed out by mounting the tool post grinder on compound slide. Grinding process is carried out after irregular turning, to give an precise finish to the work-piece by removing a small quantity of material. 5. Boring Boring is cutting with enlarging of a around hole to create: More exact size, Hole that will not tremble, Hole accurate with its alliance. Boring is complete by a boring tool. There are two types of boring tools forged boring tool and boring bar. Tool bit is held in boring bar, which is held in tool post of a lathe and cutting is complete. Work turns and the tool is held still other than move similar to the axis of hole. Boring is able to also be done on a drill press, milling machine or on a particularly build boring machine. 6. Counter Boring The method of boring a hole extra than one diameter on similar axis is identified as counter boring. Counter boring is required for receiving head of a socket head cap screw. This process is also carried out by a boring tool. 7. Knurling Handle on several tools and knob of screw is prepared rough in order to provide a improved grip. This is identifying knurling and is made by knurling tool in lathe. Two small hardened steel wheels or rolls, called knurls turn in the knurling tool when pressed into the rotating work. There are common medium and line knurls. Use a slow speed with start at the tail stock finish of work. Use plenty of oil while knurling. 8. Spinning Spinning is the process of produce a thin circular equal article by pressing the rotary part by a blunt tool. Parts might be formed also as of flat discs or as of previously drawn parts. 9. Threading The method of cutting threads on a job is known as threading. Outside threading is the process of cutting threads on outside surface of the work-piece. Internal threading is method of cutting threads on the within surface or part of a hole. 10. Roll Forming Roll forming is a different type of the spinning method in which a hard-bitten tool is use below high pressure. In this method the material is greatly deformed and its depth reduced by up to 80 per cent. 11. Spring Winding Spring winding is process of make a coil spring is identified as spring winding. It is like to threading with is completed by guiding the wire about a mandrel so that the turns are a fixed space apart. 12. Milling Milling cutter is held in headstock with the work-piece is clamped in changeable vice. Milling process is carried out by a cutter rotating beside the work-piece. This process is use for milling little work-piece simply, where a milling machine cannot be use.

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