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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Specifications of a Lathe Machine

Specifications of a Lathe Machine Points : Specifications of a Lathe Machine 1. (i) Width of the bed
(ii) Swing above the cross-slide
(iii) Maximum swing above the bed
(iv) Totality length of bed
(v) Swing in gap
2. (i) Greatest distance among centres
(ii) Height of the centres above the bed
(iii) Type of bed. i.e. straight semi-gap or gap type
3. (i) Pitch of metric thread
(ii) Longitudinal feed
(iii) Cross-feed
(iv) Pitch of lead screw
4. (i) Spindle bore
(ii) Spindle speed range
(iii) Spindle nose with taper of spindle nose
5. (i) Tailstock sleeve travel
(ii) Taper in sleeve bore
6. (i) Top slide travel
(ii) Cross-slide travel
7. Shipping discussions, such as length, breadth, height with weight 8. Horsepower of the major motor and rpm 9. Amount of spindle speeds

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