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Components of Reciprocating Pump

Components of Reciprocating Pump Points : Components of Reciprocating Pump, Parts of Reciprocating Pump The components of Reciprocating Pump are given below:
1. Crosshead
2. Cylinder
3. Bearings
4. Crankshaft
5. Crank
6. Connecting Rod
7. Piston
8. Suction Pipe
9. Strainer
10. Frame
11. Suction Valve
12. Delivery Pipe
13. Delivery Valve
14. Stuffing Box
15. Air Vessel
1. Crosshead Crosshead travels in a reciprocating motion with move the plunger load to wrist pin. Crosshead is intended to absorb radial load as of the plunger as it move linearly on crossway. 2. Cylinder Cylinder is the container where pressure is developed. Cylinders on various horizontal pumps contain the suction and discharge manifolds prepared integral by the cylinder. Vertical pumps generally have separate manifolds. 3. Bearings Equally sleeve and anti-friction bearings are use in power pumps. A few frames use all sleeve, others use all antifriction, and unmoving others use a combination of both kind of bearings. 4. Crankshaft Crankshafts gives the way of obtain oscillate movement on plunger. An eccentric offset equal to one half necessary strokes is cast into this part. Connecting rods affix to this offset and convey the power. 5. Crank The crank is a rounded disk attaches to motor and it use to transfer the rotation motion of motor to the piston. 6. Connecting Rod Connecting rod transfers the rotate force of crankshaft to an oscillate force on the wrist pin. Connecting rods are dividing perpendicular to their center line at crankpin end for assembly of rod onto the crankshaft. 7. Piston Piston is solid cylinder similar to part of pump which moves linearly in hollow cylinder of pump. It movement is major reason at the back suction with deliverance of liquid. 8. Suction Pipe Pipe which get liquid as of source and give it to cylinder of the pump is call suction pump. 9. Strainer It is a strain similar to parts give at end of suction pipe. Its major purpose is to stop is solid particles as of entering into pipe. 10. Frame Frame absorbs plunger load and torque. On vertical pumps by an outboard stuffing box, frame is in compression. By horizontal single-acting pumps, frame is in tension. 11. Suction Valve It is one method valve position among suction pipe with cylinder of pump. It is unlock when suction take place and close when release of water is taking place. 12. Delivery Pipe Pipe which take water as of cylinder of pump and supply it to reservoir is call delivery pipe. 13. Delivery Valve It is one away vale with located at point of part of delivery pipe by cylinder. It is open while release of water is taking place and closed while suction of water in taking place. 14. Stuffing Box Stuffing box stops the plunger or piston rod as of leaking liquid to atmosphere, or allowing air to go into liquid end of pump. It has of a casing, upper and lower bushing, packing, and gland. 15. Air Vessel Mount at suction and delivery pipe and its major purpose is to give a stable flow by reducing the frictional head.

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