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Clamp or Compression Coupling

Clamp or Compression Coupling Points : Clamp or Compression Coupling, Definition This is too identified like split muff coupling. Muff or sleeve is prepared into two halves with are bolted jointly. Halves of muff is finished of cast iron. Shaft ends are prepared to abut every other with a single key is fixed directly in keyways of equally the shafts. One-half of muff is rigid as of under with other half is located as of over. Equally the halves are held jointly by means of mild steel studs or bolts with nuts. Number of bolts might be two, four or six. Nuts are buried into bodies of muff castings. Coupling might be use for heavy duty with sensible speeds. The benefit of this coupling is that position of shafts must not be altered for assembling or disassembling of coupling.

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