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Working of Microscope

Working of Microscope
Points : Working of Microscope, Definition Definition Most readers will be familiar with the fact that in ordinary camera photography the depth of field reasonably in focus at the focal plane depends upon the distance of the object from the camera lens. Thus with a landscape view everything will be fairly sharply in focus between about ten meters and infinity. However, if the subject is only one meter from the lens then, assuming it is sharply in focus itself, a zone of only a few centimeters either side of one meter will be reasonably in focus. A microscope lens works at a distance of only a few millimeters from the object and it follows therefore that the ‘ depth of ‘field’ is negligible. Consequently, it is essential to provide the specimen with an absolutely. flat surface and to mount the specimen so that its surface is normal to the axis of the instrument. This is most easily achieved by fixing the specimen to a microscope slide by means of a piece of plasticine. Normality is assured by using a mounting ring, obviously, the mounting ring must have perfectly parallel end faces. Mounting may not be necessary for specimens which have been set in Bakelite, since the top and bottom faces of the Bakelite mount are isual1y parallel, so that it can be placed directly on to the table of the microscope.

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