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Lathe Machine - Fill in the Blanks

Lathe Machine - Fill in the Blanks Points : Lathe Machine - Fill In the Blanks Fill In the Blanks
  1. Lathe dogs are used in Conjunction with a driving plate or a faceplate.
  2. Most common types of Chucks are 3 Jaws, 4 Jaws and Universal .
  3. Work-pieces are held to the Head Stock Chuck spindle of the lathe with chuck.
  4. Lathes were developed as early as the 15th century and were known as lathes.
  5. One of the most important machine tools in the metalworking industry is the Lathe .
  6. The Base is the foundation of the Lathe.
  7. Tool bit is mounted in Tail Stroke
  8. CNC stands for Computer Numeric Control .
  9. NC stands for Numeric Control .
  10. Chuck is made of Steel .

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