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Lathe Milling Attachment

Lathe Milling Attachment Points : Lathe Milling Attachment Milling is a process in which material be able to detached as of a piece of work by way of one on other single or multi-toothed rotating cutter. Work-piece can be held in a vise or fixture that is clamp to the work surface. Milling process on a tool-room lathe is prepared probable by holding the milling cutter on a conservative cutter arbor and arbor's one end in the three jaws chuck and the other end support by the revolving center in a tailstock, a swivel base vice is fixed to the top face of cross-slide with the work-piece can be clamped in the vise. When milling operation on a cylindrical jobs are necessary to be perform the job is held among centers of lathe and a milling attachment like to the single end spindle grinder is fixed to the top face of the cross slide. On the end of the spindle, holding ability of cylindrical and rotary cutters is give to make the milling process on rotating job held among centers or else lathe machine.

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