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Working Principal of Reciprocating Pump

Working Principal of Reciprocating Pump Points : Working Principal of Reciprocating Pump Working of reciprocating pump is simple and just similar to I.C engine. First the piston has purpose of give suction force, so to the liquid can lift up or can suck in by great force. After that comes the compression elements which will pass on required pressure energy to liquid. In this part of stage the piston must do a great work so to liquid can compressed correctly with its pressure can bigger to preferred level. Inlet and outlet valve unlock at a definite pressure which is set by manufacturer. If piston is of single acting type which way it can suck as of one side with convey to same side only. But double reciprocating pump also which contain purpose of giving suction with discharge at the same time in every stroke. This pump can use as compressor also but for that we must have an excellent valve arrangement which can function by good frequency.

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