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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Methods of Locating Centres Lathe Machine

Methods of Locating Centres Lathe Machine Points : Methods of Locating Centres Lathe Machine, Bell Cup Centre Punch Method, Hermaphordite Calliper Method, Divider Method, Centre Head Method The kind of job and way of mounting different way are use for locating centres. After place, the centres are punched or drilled to make easy auxiliary operations. Various of the important way of locating centres are:
1. Bell Cup Centre Punch Method
2. Hermaphordite Calliper Method
3. Divider Method
4. Centre Head Method
1. Bell Cup Centre Punch Method Bell punch has of a bell by the spring burdened variable punch at centre. This method is also known as self-centering punch method. Bell punch is place on work-piece and the centre punch is hammer as of the centre. It is the fast method of locating centres other than is not precise. Generally use precision instruments, such as Height Gauge, Vernier, Micrometers, Vernier Callipers. Dial Gauge et cetera. are also use for locating centres.
2. Hermaphordite Calliper Method This method is also recognized as the odd leg calliper process and is like to the divider method. The method of marking centres by use a hermaphrodite caliper.
3. Divider Method Surfaces whose centres are to be positioned are coated by chalk or copper sulphate. Currently the dividers are set to a small other than radius and four lines are approved at the four ends of work-piece at correct angles to all other.
4. Centre Head Method This method is also recognized as combination square process. Two links of centre head of a combination square are held beside the surface of work-piece. Two lines are marked on surface by rotary the work-piece during almost 90°.

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