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Design of a Nut

Design of a Nut Points : Design of a Nut As a bolt with nut is prepared of mild steel, after that effectual height of nut is ready equal to nominal diameter of bolt. If nut is ready of weak material than bolt, then height of nut must be biggerfor example 1.5 d for gun metal, 2 d for cast iron with 2.5 d for aluminium alloys (where d is the nominal diameter of bolt). For fear that cast iron or aluminium nut is use, then V-threads are allowable simply for lasting fastenings, as threads in these materials are broken due to repeat screwing with unscrewing. While these materials are to be use for parts commonly detached with fastened, a screw in steel bushing for cast iron with cast-in-bronze or monel metal put in must be use for aluminium with must be drilled and tapped in position.

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