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Lathe Chucks and it Types

Lathe Chucks and it Types Points : Lathe Chucks and it Types, Types of lathe Chucks, Three jaws chuck, Four jaw chuck, Six jaws chuck, Collet chuck, Jacobs collet chuck, Magnetic chuck, Air operated chuck This chuck is use to clutch work piece. This chuck is mainly popular job holding device use on some lathe machine in various sizes along with shape; parts of a Lathe Chuck are as below:
1. Jaws prepared by high carbon steel hard-bitten temper with round
2. Scroll plate -prepared with cast iron
3. Screws -prepared with machine steel
4. Chuck key -prepared with machine steel
5. Main body -prepared with cast iron
6. Back plate -prepared with machine steel
Types of Chucks There are main types of chucks are as below
1 Three jaws chuck
2. Four jaw chuck
3. Six jaws chuck
4. Collet chuck
5. Jacobs collet chuck
6. Magnetic chuck
7. Air operated chuck
1. Three Jaws Chuck Three jaws chuck is also known as Self-centering chuck and is also call universal check. These jaws are open with closed manually through turning someone of three screws with chuck key. This chuck is proper to around, triangular, with hexagonal word. Three jaws chucks are prepared in different sizes as of 5" to 16" in diameter. They generally provide by two sets of jaws, one used for outer surface chucking with the other for inside chuck.
2. Four Jaws Chuck Four jaws chuck is also known as universal check and four jaws chuck. All jaw is motivated separately through its screw with the key. Chuck is too giving by reversible jaws. It is proper for odd-shape, fictitious casted with eccentric job. Universal and independent chuck preserve be fixed to the three types of headstock spindles.
a. Cam lock Spindle Nose
b. Tapered Nose Spindle
c. Threaded Nose Spindle
3. Six Jaws Chuck Six jaws chuck is generally a four-jaw chuck in which jaws might be familiar also separately, while in an independent four-jaw chuck, or jointly, as in common three-jaw chuck. This chuck contains six slots for inserting six jaws. It is functional for holding spare work-piece. First part is situated precisely by adjust all of the jaws. The follow piece is next located similar to the first piece with the self-centering sockets in the chuck corpse are use to tighten the job in chuck.
4. Collet Chuck Collet chuck is the mainly precise chuck with is use for high accuracy job by cold drawn geometrical form bar stock. Spring collets are accessible to clutch round, square, or hexagon-shaped work-pieces. All collet have a series of on an only some thousands of an inch or hundredths above or under the size embossed on the collet. Special adapter is built-in keen on the taper of headstock spindle, with a void illustrate bar have an inner thread is insert in differing ending of the headstock spindle. When the hand wheel is rotate, it draw the collet in to the tapering adapter, cause collet to make tighter on the work-piece.
5. Jacobs Collet Chuck This chuck contains a wider series than the spiral collet chuck. Instead of a depict bar, it use an impact contraction hand-wheel to lock the collet on the work-piece. A position of 11 Rubber-Flex-Collets, all contain an change series of nearly 1/8" (3mm), make it feasible to clutch a extensive series of work diameters. While the hand-wheel is twisted clockwise, rubber-flex-collet is forced in to a taper, cause it to tighten on work-piece. While the hand wheel is turned anti-clockwise collet open and release work pieces.
6. Magnetic Chuck This Chucks is use to clutch iron or steel parts to be also thin or so as to might be damage if held in a conventional chuck. This chuck is fixed to an adapter mount on head stock spindle. Job is held evenly for align function for turning chuck wrench about one-quarter turn. Once job have be turned, chuck is turned to full-on place to hold the job firmly. Magnetic chuck is use simply for light cuts with for particular grinding application. Main body is prepared of cast iron with lastingly magnetized piece of iron are fixed into the facade of the chuck.
7. Air Operated Chuck Pneumatic force is use to clutch the work on this chuck. This is mainly proper chuck for hold the jobs fast with no damage the outer or inner facade being clamped and use on forceful lathes.

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