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Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Hydraulic Power Transmission

Hydraulic Power Transmission Points : Hydraulic Power Transmission In modem metalworking plants; hydraulic power/pressure is applied to all types of machine tools to control and guide them through machining operation. Its simplicity and smoothness of operation, flexibility and ease of control makes hydraulic power transmission ideal for machine tool applications.

Hydraulic is not a new science, as hydraulic applications may be seen in many places. In a garage, for example a mechanic raises the front or rear of an automobile with a hydraulic jack; in a service station, hydraulic lift is used to raise, the car for lubrication; a dentist or a barber uses a chair which raises and lowers the person in it by a few strokes of a lever; and hydraulic presses and elevators may be seen in many places. Hydraulically operated mechanisms have been used' for many years. More recently, many applications have been found in production' machine tools, such as broaching, grinding, and milling machines; and the hydraulic shaper, planer and grinding machine now have a place in the general machine shop and in tool-making departments.

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