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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Case Hardening Process - Cyaniding

Points : Cyaniding, Definition Definition Cyaniding is a case-hardening process that utilizes carbon and nitrogen. The part to be cyanide case hardened is of molten sodium cyanide (a salt containing both carbon temperature of approximately 1550°F. A cyaniding treatment, 45 mm, yields an increase of 2 percent in the carbon content case thickness of about 0.005 in. Cyaniding is useful when between 0.001 and 0.0 15 in, in required in a short period of time the absorption of immersed in a bath and nitrogen) at a lasting form 30 to of the case with a think hard case, The cyanide-casing operation is the fastest type of casing that can be applied to a mild steel core; however, its disadvantages are that the cyanide salts are extremely toxic and the process is messy. Special protective equipment must e on by personnel operating in the vicinity of the cyanide salts. Parts must also be limited to a size that can be handled by one or two people.

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