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Lathe Machine Cutting Oils

Lathe Machine Cutting Oils Points : Lathe Machine Cutting Oils, Uses of Cutting Oil The principal function of cutting oil is to cool the cutter bit with the job. The name “coolant” is frequently certain to oil. Cutter bit will last longer with will be able of endure better speeds with no overheating as a cutting oil is use. Cutting oil too facilitate lubricate cutter bits, improve the finish of work-piece, guard besides rusting, with washes away chips as of cutting area. Uses of Cutting Oil In manufacture process, practice is to flood work-piece with cutter bit by cutting oil in order to take the full advantage of its use. For effectual cooling, it is main that oil be directed at exact point of cutter bit contact. A large stream at low velocity is prefer to a small stream at elevated velocity. In miniature shops where pump tools is not available, cutting oils are use only for finishing and slight operations. It is common practice in this case to relate cutting oil only as actually required.

The most types of cutting oil
Lard Oil
Mineral Oil
Mineral-Lard Cutting Mixture
Sulfurized-Fatty-Mineral Oil
Soluble Cutting Oils
Soda-Water Mixtures
White Lead and Lard Oil Mixture

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