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Vapour Compression Refrigeration Cycle

Vapour Compression Refrigeration Cycle Points : Vapour Compression Refrigeration Cycle, Compression, Condensation, Expansion, Vaporization Most of the modern refrigerators work on this cycle, in Its simplest form there are four fundamental operations required to complete one cycle.
(a) Compression
(b) Condensation
(c) Expansion
(d) Vaporization
a) Compression The low pressure Vapour in dry state is drawn from the evaporator during the Suction stroke of the compressor. During compression Stroke the pressure and temperature increase until vapour temperature is greater than the temperature of condenser cooling medium (air or water) b) Condensation When the high pressure refrigerant vapour enters the condenser heat flows from condenser to cooling medium thus allowing the vaporized refrigerant to return to liquid State. c) Expansion After condenser the liquid refrigerant is stored in the liquid receiver until needed. From the receiver it passes through an expansion valve where the pressure is reduced sufficiently to allow the vaporization of liquid at a low temperature of about -10°C. d) Vaporization The low pressure refrigerant vapour after expansion in the expansion valve enters the evaporator or refrigerated space where a considerable amount of heat IS absorbed by it and refrigeration is furnished.

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