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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Ring Screw Gauge

Ring Screw Gauge Points : Ring Screw Gauge, Definition This gauge is for assembly gauging of bolts the equal mating surface of bolt threads is known as a ring gauge. As in case of plug gauges a system of limit GO ring gauge is truncated on its minor diameter and clear on its major diameter. The initial step in using a set of ring thread gauges is to read legend stamped on rings. The legend must give size and pitch, for example, 7/16-20 NF means the work-piece should be of 7/16” outside or major diameter have 20 threads per inch. Pitch diameter upper limit is 0.4050” which should also be stamped on the gauge. NO GO gauge part should also have similar legend except diameter would be 0.4024” (corresponding to lower limit). At times class of fit also appears on the ring. Thread ring cannot normally be used to analyze the individual errors presenting Screw. If the pitch diameter is over-size the ring will not connect of course neither will it turn on an over-size major diameter? If the minor diameter is off’ (i.e., the screw whose roots are full by dirt, or prepared as of worn die or lathe tool) the gauge will bind. Excessive screw thread lead errors, like taper will generally be detect after a few turns of ring gauge.

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