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Compound Indexing

Compound Indexing Points : what is Compound Indexing By definition compound indexing is the operation of obtaining a desired spindle movement by first turning the index crank a definite amount as in plain indexing and then index plate itself in order to locate the crank in the proper position. The index plate is normally held stationery by a stop pin in the rear which engages one of the index holes. When this pin is disengaged the index plate can be turned. Compound indexing is required to obtain indexing beyond the range of the plain indexing system. This method is more difficult both to calculate and to operate than differential indexing method. Backlash errors will be introduced unless the operator is careful, that is if the crank is moved first and then the plate, then this order should be adopted throughout the operation. Note: Neither compound indexing nor differential indexing can be used when cutting spirals.

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