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Grinding Wheels Care

Grinding Wheels Care Points : Grinding Wheels Care The following are suggestions originally made by well-known grinding wheel and machine manufacturers. If generally adopted, these, procedures should do much to eliminate grinding accidents.
  1. Handle all wheels with the greatest care in storing and delivery. Wheels are frequently cracked by rough usage long before they are ever placed on a grinding machine.
  2. Wheels should be placed in a dry lace.
  3. Before a wheel is placed on the spindle, it should be sounded for cracks. Whew tapped by a nonmetallic object, a solid wheel gives off a dull ringing sound. A cracked wheel gives off a dull thudding sound.
  4. Make sure that the grinding wheel is equipped with blotting-paper gaskets on each side.
  5. . Never crowd a wheel on the spindle; the whole in the wheel should be 0.076 to’ 0.127 mm (0.003 to 0.005 in.) oversize to permit it to slide easily on the spindle and squarely against the flange.
  6. Never mount a wheel without flanges, which should be properly relieved and of suitable proportions.
  7. Don’t screw the wheel nut too tight. The nut should be set up only tight enough so that the flanges hold the wheel firmly.
  8. Keep the wheel clean and true by frequent dressing, but don’t remove any more stock than is necessary to put the wheel in proper condition.
  9. If the wheel vibrates excessively after it has been properly trued, that is something wrong. Stop the machine and call your instructor or in charge.
  10. Large wheels, that is, wheel aver 304.8 mm (12 in.), require special balancing. Don’t attempt to balance them yourself and do not use the wheel until it is balanced.

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