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Grinding Fluids

Grinding Fluids Points : Grinding Fluids, Water-Soluble Chemical Fluids, Water-Soluble Oil Fluids Cutting fluids are an important factor in lessening the wear on the cutting tool, They help to maintain accurate dimensions and are quite important to the quality of the surface finish produced. The coolant is very important if the heat produced during the grinding operation is to be carried away at the rate it is generated. Several type of coolants are used for grinding operations: 1. Water-Soluble Chemical Fluids This is the solution that takes advantage of the excellent cooling facility of water. It is transparent and includes a rust inhibitor, water softeners and detergents to improve the leaning ability of water and bacteriostasis (substance which regulate and control bacteria growth). Polymers are added to improve lubricating qualities. 2. Water-Soluble Oil Fluids This coolant also takes advantage of the excellent cooling ability of water. It is usually milky white.. It is less expensive than most chemical type fluids. Bacteriosasis is also added to control bacteria growth. The coolant can be applied by flooding the grinding area. The fluid re-circulates by means of a pump and tank system built into the machine. A mist system forces the coolant through the wheel or applies it at the work surface under pressure (air) and cools by evaporation. A coolant can also be applied manually by pumping the fluid from a pressure type oil pump can. For safety, the coolant system should be cleaned at regular intervals. Cleaning means removing all dirt and sludge from the storage tank. Discard the fluid when it becomes contaminated.

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