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Simple microscope

Simple microscope Points : Simple microscope, Definition, Construction, Working principle, Working, Characteristics of image, Conditions for High Magnification Definition: Definition: It is an optical instrument to see the magnified image of small objects.
Construction: Simple microscope consists of a double convex lens. Working principle: When an object is placed inside the focal length of a convex lens, a magnified erect and virtual image of the object is seen through the lens. Working: Consider an object ‘AB’ placed in front of a convex lens within the focal length of the lens. An incident ray, which is parallel to the principal axis of the lens after passing through the lens, will pass through the principal focus of the lens. Another ray, which is passing directly through the optical center, remains undeviated. Both the rays after refraction diverge and when reproduced back appear to come from a common point A”. Draw A’ B’ normal to the principal axis, which is the image of’ object ‘AB’.
Characteristics of image: This image is enlarged, magnified, erect and virtual. Conditions for High Magnification: In order to get high magnification, the convex lens used, should be of shorter Focal length.

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