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Thursday, 1 May 2014

Lathe Machine Cutting Tool Life

Lathe Machine Cutting Tool Life Points : Lathe Machine Cutting Tool Life The instance intended for which a tool keeps its machining ability among two regrinding process is identified as tool lift. It can be probable by number of pieces machined among tool re-grind. As a extensive time is wasted in tool re-grinding and rescue on machine, it gives to improve tool life. Following factors require to be consider:
  1. Cutting rate of the tool improved cutting speed decrease tool life.
  2. The inflexibility of the tool, work-piece and machine.
  3. Heat treatment operations passed out on tool.
  4. Tool setting in relation to the workpiece.
  5. Nature and amount of the cutting fluid.
  6. Ratio of feed and deepness of cut.
  7. Nature of material being cut.
  8. Shape of tool with its angles.
  9. Chemical work of the tool.

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