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Electro-Mechanical Comparator

Electro-Mechanical Comparator Points : Electro-Mechanical Comparator, Definition, Working This Comparator is use of mechanically function contacts that are in use to contact or break electric circuits. This action is signifying by light of various color. Measure plunger actuates a magnifying lever which gives the negative pole of a low voltage D.C circuit. Positive pole is attached during two green with red lamps to anvils of two micrometers A and B with the magnify lever moves among them. While the plunger with the magnifying lever is in center position, the micrometers can be motivated away as of the magnifying lever so that distance among each micrometer and lever signify the tolerances over and under the nominal dimension, to which comparator is familiar. The micrometer A is use to set the upper positive edge of tolerance, as the micrometer B is for setting of lower negative edge of the tolerance.
Measuring range of every micrometer is ±0.3mm. One division of micrometer scale represents 0.001mm as of the vertical displacement of measuring plunger. Electro mechanical comparator have following parts.
1. Magnification lever.
2. Measuring plunge;
3. Positive tolerance limit micrometer (A).
4. Negative tolerance limit micrometer (B).
5. Red light lamp.
6. Green light lamp.

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