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External Grinding with Shoulder Work

External Grinding with Shoulder Work Points : External Grinding with Shoulder Work, Procedure for Slight Tapers, Procedure for Steep Tapers If the work must be ground to a shoulder, locate the grinding wheel up against the shoulder before starting to grind and then, by plunge clit grinding, grind the surface to the required diameter, This method will leave the finished diameter with a fairly sharp and square comer at the shoulder. After the job has been ground to size at the shoulder, the balance of it may be ground by traversing the table. The following outline is a typical analysis of the procedures in external grinding with Shoulder work.
  1. Check all diameters for sufficient grind stock.
  2. Check work centers to see that they are free from dirt and nicks:
  3. Dress grinding wheel for roughing cut.
  4. Mount a grinding dog of correct size on the work.
  5. Set footstock to function for correct length of work.
  6. Mount the 'York in the machine and properly adjust the drive pin to the dog.
  7. Feed the grinding wheel to 'diameter 'A' and take a cleanup cut, seeing that the wheel closely follows the work.
  8. Check diameter A for straightness, make an necessary table adjustments, take a trial cut, and recheck the work for straightness.
  9. With the wheel cutting straight, plunge-cut diameter A at the shoulder and rough grind, leaving 0.003 to 0.005 in for finishing. Repeat this operation on 'A', B, B', and 'C' in the order stated, then has the job inspected.
  10. Dress the grinding wheel for finishing and, with the machine cutting straight, finish-'grind A, A', B, B', and C in that order.
  11. Have all dimensions on work inspected.
Procedure for Slight Tapers Taper up to 8°, usually are ground by swiveling the worktable
  1. Unclamp the swivel table by releasing the bolts at each end
  2. Swivel the table to the position required.
  3. Fasten it by tightening the clamping bolts at each end.
  4. Grinding may proceed in the same manner as for cylindricalgrinding.
Procedure for Steep Tapers Steep tapers may be ground by using several different kinds of setups. One common method involves swiveling the wheel spindle head on its base to the required angle. This method works well if the surface to be ground is not wider than the wheel face. A second common method is to swivel the wheel spindle head 900 and, in addition, swivel the wheel stand slide base to the angle of the taper. A third method involves mounting the work on the headstock spindle with a chuck or other suitable device. The headstock then is, swiveled to the desire angle of taper. The later method also may be employed for face grinding a work-piece however; the headstock must then be swiveled 90°.

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