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Lathe Grinding Attachment

Lathe Grinding Attachment Points : Lathe Grinding Attachment While grinding on lathe machine is not its usual process, but cylindrical grinding be able to make on a tool room lathe by adjust a double ends spindle grinding accessory. Remains of the grinding attachment are related to a floor grinder with no pedestal, base of which is built-in to the top face of cross slide incorporate swivel ability like to the compound rest. This attachment has free electric motor drive. Disc wheel for the outside grinding and inside wheel on a proper adopter can be mounting on opposite ends for its drive for internal grinding. Face of grinding wheel is familiar parallel to the cylindrical work piece the length of its length and ted towards the revolving work-piece as a cutting tool point is fed towards the job from winning depth of cut and feed for its machining. Waterless and damp grinding is feasible and straight and narrow surface grinding is feasible.

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