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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Opposed Eight-Cylinder Engines

Opposed Eight-Cylinder Engines Points : Opposed Eight-Cylinder Engines, Opposed 8-Cylinder Engines This engine mainly for racing cars has the compensation of improved balance and higher ready speeds. This is water cooled engine designed for rising at rear end of the chassis by cooling fan mount level over the centre of the power unit. It use tour double-barreled Weber carburetors by their intakes upright over the engine. This gear ambitious is providing ignition by two Bosch eight-cylinder. Units for supplying high voltage current to a pair of sparking plugs in each cylinder the extra specification of the engine are BHP 180 to 200; utmost speed 10,000 rpm. Cylinder bore x stroke as 66 x 56.4 mm; cylinder capacity 1498 cc and density ratio as 10: 1.

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