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Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Work Holding and Supporting Devices in Lathe Machine

Work Holding and Supporting Devices in Lathe Machine Points : Work Holding and Supporting Devices in Lathe Machine, Chucks, Mounting of work on centre, Carriers The correct holding of work-piece by turning is a main part of machining mechanism precisely.
Standard work holding devices use in lathe process are: Chucks Chuck is mainly essential mechanism use for holding work-pieces. Chucks are attach to the lathe by means of threads provide on spindle.
Generally used chucks for lathe work are:
(a) independent or four-jaw chuck.
(b) self centering universal or three-jaw chuck.
(C) collet chuck.
(d) magnetic chuck.
This types of chuck are described in blog, post name, Lathe chucks and it types.

Mounting of Work on Centre By mounting the work-piece among centres, make sure that the latter are in excellent form. Lathe dog is fixed to the work. Tail must clear the base of slot. The jobis held tightly on the dead centres. A little practice ensure correct adjusting of work- piece among centres.
Carriers Carriers are also identified as driving dogs. This are use for holding work-pieces while held among two centres.

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