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Important Terms Used in Screw Threads

Important Terms Used in Screw Threads Points : Important Terms Used in Screw Threads The following term uses in screw threads are given below.
1. Pitch diameter
2. Lead
3. Major Diameter
4. Pitch
5. Minor Diameter
6. Crest
7. Root
8. Depth of thread
9. Flank
10. Angle of thread
11. Slope
1. Pitch Diameter This is diameter of an invented cylinder, on cylindrical screw thread, surface of which would pass during thread at such points as to create equivalent width of thread with width of spaces among threads. It is too call an effective diameter. In a nut with bolt assembly, it is diameter at which edge on bolt are in complete touch by edge of corresponding nut. 2. Lead This is space among two equivalent points on similar helix. It might too be definite as distance which a screw thread advance axially in one revolving of nut. Lead is equivalent to pitch in case of single start threads; it is two times pitch in double start, thrice pitch in triple start and etc. 3. Major Diameter This is largest diameter of outside or inside screw thread. Screw is particular by this diameter. It is also identified as outside or nominal diameter. 4. Pitch This is the distance as of a point on one thread to parallel point on next. It is calculated in an axial direction among corresponding points in similar axial plane. 5. Minor Diameter This is smallest diameter of an outside or inside screw thread. It is also identified as core or root diameter. 6. Crest This is top surface of thread. 7. Root This is the base surface created by the two adjacent flanks of thread. 8. Depth of Thread This is perpendicular space among the crest with root. 9. Flank This is surface joining crest and root. 10. Angle of Thread This is angle included by flanks of thread. 11. Slope This is half the pitch of thread.

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