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Grinding Operation

Grinding Operation Points : Grinding Operation, Definition Definition Grinding is the process of removing metal by means of an abrasive wheel. The results which may easily be obtained, with the proper wheel in a well-made machine intelligently operated, are extreme accuracy, fine finish, and rapid production. The work may be of any size or shape within the capacity of the machine, and of practically any of the material, hard or soft, used in machine construction. The grinding machine is the standard machine tool for the accurate sizing of hardened pieces. The grinding machines are used primarily for finishing surfaces that have previously been roughed out in another machine. Thus its value lies not in the amount of metal removed in a given time but in the accuracy of its product and in the ease by which this accuracy may be obtained. A surface properly ground is beautifully smooth and free from feed marks, scratches, or chatter marks. Before explaining the different operations performed on the grinding machines certain definitions are given, and factors of wheel speeds, work speeds, and arc of contact as they enter in to the successful practice of grinding are described. The selection, mounting and truing of the wheel, and the setup of the job are discussed in detail.

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