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Facing Operation Lathe

Facing Operation Lathe Points : Facing Operation Lathe, Facing process Lathe Facing is process of finishing the ends of work. Work might be held on centers in a chuck, or a faceplate. The ends of a correctly faced piece will be square. Surface might be tested by the edging of a rule. Function of facing work in a chuck is similar as that of facing among centers to take a true, flat surface and to cut the work to length.
  1. Right up the work in a chuck by chalk or dial indicator process this is not needed if three jaws chuck is use.
  2. Contain as a minimum an amount up to the diameter of the work projecting as of the chuck jaws.
  3. Rotate the compound rest on 90° right angle to the cross-slide while face services of shoulder.
  4. Obtain the deepness of cut by with the graduate collar on compound rest screw.
  5. Put up facing tool bit to height of dead center with pointing faintly to left.
  6. Seem the carriage in place.

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