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Internal Combustion Engine

  1. Internal Combustion Engines
  2. Main components of I.C. Engines
  3. Classification of Internal Combustion Engines
  4. Internal Combustion Engine Fuel
  5. Requirements of a Good Fuel
  6. Classification of Fuels
  7. Working of Two Stroke Petrol Engine
  8. Sequence of Operations in a Cycle
  9. Two-Stroke and Four-Stroke cycle Engines
  10. Port Timing Diagram for Two Stroke Petrol Engine
  11. Advantages and Disadvantage of Two-Stroke Over Four-Stroke Cycle Engines
  12. Four Stroke Cycle Petrol Engine
  13. Port Timing Diagram for Two Stroke Diesel Engine
  14. Indicator Diagram or P-V Diagram (Actual) for a Four Stroke Cycle Petrol Engines
  15. Two-Stroke Cycle Petrol Engine
  16. Characteristics of Petrol Fuel
  17. Indicator Diagram or P-V Diagram (Actual) for a Two Stroke Cycle Petrol Engines
  18. Four Stroke Cycle Diesel Engine
  19. Indicator diagram or P.V diagram (actual) of four Stroke Cycle Diesel Engines
  20. Two Stroke Cycle Diesel Engines
  21. Indicator Diagram or P.V Diagram (Actual) for a Two-Stroke Cycle Diesel Engines
  22. Working of Four stroke Petrol Engine
  23. Sketch P-V Diagram of Petrol engine & diesel engine
  24. Scavenger- IC Engines
  25. Turbocharger - IC Engines
  26. Components of IC Engines
  27. Difference between Petrol and Diesel Engine
  28. Cooler - IC Engines
  29. Working of Two Stroke Diesel Engine
  30. Characteristics of Diesel Fuel
  31. Efficiency of Diesel Cycle
  32. Principle of Carburetor
  33. Difference between Carburetor and Fuel Injector
  34. Classification of IC Engines
  35. Valve and Valve Mechanism
  36. Mechanical Fuel Pump
  37. Electric Fuel Pump
  38. Efficiency of Otto Cycle
  39. Gudgeon or Wrist Pins
  40. Fuel Supply System for Spark Ignition Engine
  41. Advantages and Disadvantages of Gaseous Fuels
  42. Properties of Liquid Fuels

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