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Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Vee-Four Engines

Vee-Four Engines Points : Vee-Four Engines, Vee-4 Engines Vee-four engines include cylinders agreed in two rows of two cylinders every. Two rows are set at an angle to each other. It is comparable to two cylinder Vee engines contain a ordinary crankshaft. For a thin Vee-angle, i,e. 200, two fling crankshaft is use. Although in a case of modem Vee-four cylinder engines, they are set in staggered pairs above single crankshaft. The bargain has a Vee-angle of 60° among the pairs with strange pact of the crankshaft. Here two crankpins are set 60° distant at one side end of the shaft whilst the other two are 60° apart at on the reverse end and side. The engines have a tiring arrange of 1,3,4,2 with firing time of 180°.

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