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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Spark Ignition Engines

Spark Ignition Engines Points : Spark Ignition Engines, Four Stroke Cycle, Two Stroke Cycle These Engines have two types of Spark Ignition Engines
a. Four Stroke Cycle
b. Two Stroke Cycle
a. Four Stroke Engine
  1. Expansion stroke by together valves closed, and lastly.
  2. Exhaust stroke in which the pistons move about with the exhaust valve open and so effecting the cycle and the cylinder wall are cooled by flow a cooling average during the cylinder cover or by slot in fins cooled by air.
  3. 1. Intake stroke anywhere the piston move by the intake valve unlock and the exhaust valve lock such that a mixture of air by atomized and vaporized fuel is use into the cylinder.
  4. Compression stroke, in which the air/fuel combination is compressed by both valves blocked chase by ignition of the airy fuel accuse by a timed spark.
b. Two Stroke Engine
  1. Two Stroke Engine have so limited function such as in little boat engines, lawnmower engines, the low cost and weight are more main than competence.
  2. This improvement, though, is equalizing by the beating of a portion of the intake charge by the exhaust gases, resultant in lower efficiencies.
  3. Intake and Exhaust strokes are reducing by use pre-compressed intake accuse to move the exhaust gases.
  4. Two Stroke Engine have the benefit of a high power to weight percentage.

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