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Cold-Working Processes - Cold-rolling

Points : Cold-rolling, Definition Definition Cold-rolling is applied during the finishing stages of production of both rip and section and also in the production of very thin materials such as foil. The type of mill used in the production of the latter.
Here small diameter rolls must be used in order to produce any reduction in the already thin material. Moreover, since the sheet may be a meter or more in width the rolls must consequently be long and therefore liable to bend under the considerable roll pressures which are necessary. This bending is minimized by using some system of backing rolls as in the four-high mill illustrated. In most other cases cold rolling mills are similar in design to those used for hot-rolling.

The production of mirror-finished metal foil is carried out in rolls enclosed an ‘air-conditioned’ cubicle, and the rolls themselves are polished frequently with clean cotton wool. Only by working in perfectly clean surroundings, with highly polished rolls, can really high-grade foil be obtained. In addition to quality of finish, the objects of cold-rolling are accuracy of dimensions and the adjustment of the correct temper in the material.

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