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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Depth Gauge

Depth Gauge Points : Depth Gauge, Definition The depth gauge is a pressure gauge that shows the equivalent depth in water. It is a part of diving equipment frequently used by SCUBA divers. Mainly modem diving depth gauges contain an electronic mechanism with digital display. Older kind uses a mechanical mechanism with analogue display. Diver uses a depth gauge by decompression tables and a watch to shun decompression sickness. A general alternative to the depth gauge, watch with decompression tables is a dive computer. Depth gauge and an oxygen analyzer/oxygen sensor are able to use to calculate the partial pressure of oxygen of the breathing gas, which is needed to evade oxygen toxicity.

The digital depth gauges usually also show the period of time that the diver has been flooded and shows the diver’s speed of ascent and descent, which can be is helpful for avoiding barotraumas. While the gauge just measures pressure, there is an intrinsic imprecision in the depth displayed by the majority gauges that are use in equally fresh water and seawater due to the dissimilarity in the densities of fresh water and seawater.

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