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Types of Lathe Tool Bits

Types of Lathe Tool Bits Points : Types of Lathe Tool Bits, Facing Tools, Roughing Tools, Right-Hand Tools (right cut), Left Hand Tools (left cut), Finishing Tools, Round-Nose Tools, Cut-Off or Parting Tool, Threading tool, Knurling Tools A range of types of tool bits are use in lathe process. A few of the major eight types tool bits which as below
1. Facing Tools
2. Roughing Tools
3. Right-Hand Tools (right cut)
4. Left Hand Tools (left cut)
5. Finishing Tools
6. Round-Nose Tools
7. Cut-Off or Parting Tool
8. Threading tool
9. Knurling Tools
1. Facing Tools Facing tool is use to square the end of a part of reserve by a flat finish. This tool is ground to allow facing process close to tailstock center. Left cut facing tools are use for facing the within of a shoulder. 2. Roughing Tools Roughing tools contain lesser rounded nose which allows deep cuts at heavier provide for. This tool are use to machine common of the metal as of a work-piece exit just sufficient material for a finish cut. 3. Right-Hand Tools (right cut) Tool bits cut as of right to left or else towards the headstock straight of a lathe. 4. Left Hand Tools (left cut) Tool bits cut as of left to right or forward the tailstock of a lathe. 5. Finishing Tools Finishing tools contain bigger nose radius to make finer finished on face of work pieces. Light cut with a find feed are use by these tools. 6. Round-Nose Tools Round nose tool is to cuts in equally path. It is on occasion use to form a radius at turn of a shoulder. 7. Cut-Off or Parting Tool Cut-off or Parting tool cuts just on ending. It’s use for groove or cutting off stock as of the work pieces which are held in lathe. 8. Threading Tool This tool is use intended for threading with this tool is also call neutral or else Vee-shaped tool. 9. Knurling Tools This tool is used for knurling process.

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