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Magnetism And Electromagnetism - Solenoid

Solenoid Points : Solenoid, Magnetic field in a solenoid, Direction of magnetic field, Polarity of the ends of solenoid, Polarity of the ends of solenoid, Use of solenoid Definition: Solenoid is a coil of insulated copper wires in the form of a long cylinder.
Magnetic field in a solenoid: When an electric current is passed through a solenoid the magnetic field is very similar to that of a bar magnet. One end of the solenoid acts like a North Pole and the other end acts like South Pole. Direction of magnetic field: If we hold the solenoid in the right hand so that the fingers are curled along the direction of electric current, the stretched thumb of the hand will point towards the North Pole. Polarity of the ends of solenoid: On looking at the end of the solenoid the current appears to flow in antilock direction, then this end is North Pole, and if it is flowing in the clockwise direction then the end is a South Pole. Use of solenoid: A current carrying Solenoid can be used as bar magnet and also used for preparing electromagnets. Rheostat

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