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Vapour Absorption System

Vapour Absorption System Points : Vapour Absorption System, Definition Definition The vapour absorption system differs from the compression system in a way that it uses heat energy instead of mechanical energy to make a change in the conditions necessary to complete the refrigeration cycle. The heat energy for this purpose may be obtained from a gas burner, kerosene oil lamp or electric heater. The system uses a minimum number of moving parts. The only moving part used smaller units are valves and controls bat larger units use circulating pumps and tans also . Due to the absence of moving parts such units are quiet in operation and may be used for both commercial and domestic installation. The working of an absorption machine depends upon the use of two substance which have great affinity for each other and which can be easily separated by the application of heat. The principal combinations sulphuric acid water or ammonia and water the latter being quite common in use.

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