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Components of Centrifugal Pump

Components of Centrifugal Pump Points : Components of Centrifugal Pump, Parts of centrifugal Pump The components of centrifugal pump are given below:
1. Casing
2. Delivery pipe
3. Shaft
4. Bearings
5. Delivery valve
6. Strainer
7. Foot valve
8. Impeller
9. Open impeller
10. Semi open impeller
11. Shrouded or closed impeller
12. Seal
13. Suction pipe
1. Casing Casing contains the liquid with acts as a pressure control vessel that directs the run of liquid in and out of pump. In mainly cases casing contain the suction with discharge nozzles of pump that attach it to the outside piping. In several vertical pumps casing might be referred to as bowl, with in some small pumps they might it call it cover. 2. Delivery Pipe Pipe which takes the elevated pressure liquid as of the pump and convey it to the tank is call delivery pipe. 3. Shaft Shaft is generally the longest element of a pump and is prepared of one piece. Its purpose is to convey the input power as of the driver into impeller. In a close-coupled pump, motor has an extensive length of shaft to acts as pump shaft. In various vertical pumps, the so-called lines haft pump, shaft might be supplied in additional than one piece of ten Feet sections depending on pump bowl set under the ground face. 4. Bearings Functions of bearings are to hold the weight of shaft assembly, to take the hydraulic loads acting on shaft, with to remain the pump shaft align to shaft of driver. 5. Delivery Valve Delivery valve is give at delivery pipe close to the addition point of pipe with pump. It is use for priming and stop the flow of liquid. 6. Strainer Strainer is attaching at end of suction pipe which is dipped into sump. Its major purpose is to stop the solid particle as of access into the pipe. 7. Foot Valve Just over strainer there is afoot valve whose purpose is to stop back flow of water as pump is stopped. It is too priming of pump. 8. Impeller Impeller is a vane disk mount on shaft. Its purpose is to raise pressure of liquid through means of its revolving action. Impeller might be of open, semi-open, or enclosed kind, with might have anywhere among two to ten vanes. It might also be of single, or double, suction design. 9. Open Impeller In this kind of impeller vanes are unlock as of both sides or you can say that they are lacking base plate with crown plate. Their compensation is that they can pump sewerage water, paper pulp and other impure liquid by floating particles. 10. Semi Open Impeller In this kind of impeller vanes contain no crown plates with just have a base plate they have an compensation a over closed impeller that they can pump liquid by little dirtiness. 11. Shrouded or Closed Impeller Impeller type is which there are vanes by metal cover up or vanes by shrouds ends. They have advantages that they have improved direction and high efficiency but there is one constraint that should be clean with pure. 12. Seal Pump might be give by one of two types of sealing elements packing rings or mechanical seal. Sealing element stop the leakage of pumped liquid into atmosphere. 13. Suction Pipe Pipe which raises the liquid as of sump with give it to pump at impeller eye is call suction pipe. Suction is complete air tight in order to stop the construction of air pocket with in pump.

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