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Lathe Tool Holders

Lathe Tool Holders Points : Lathe Tool Holders, Enlist Lathe Tool Holders Tool holder is a mechanism for firmly hold cutting tool bit in a preferred position on tool post of lathe. It is prepared in numerous sizes and style.
Several of imperative types of tool holders are as below:
  1. Right-hand offset cutting-off tool holder
  2. Right-hand cutting-off & side tool holder
  3. Left-hand offset cutting-off tool holder
  4. Left-hand cutting-off & side tool holder
  5. Left-hand offset turning tool holder
  6. Right-hand offset turning tool holder
  7. Straight cutting-off tool holder
  8. Formed threading tool holder
  9. Diamond point tool holder
  10. Straight turning tool holder
  11. Boring tool holder
  12. Tipped tool holder

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