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Friday, 29 November 2013


Graduating Points : what is Graduating Although the index head is regarded mainly as an attachment for dividing the circumference of work into accurate spaces, it can also be used for the accurate division of flat stock. This procedure is known as graduating and is used for accurate spacing of the divisions on flat scales and verniers. The operation requires the use of the universal dividing head and a single point tool, which is held stationary in a fly-cutter arbor or boring bar, mounted directly in the machine spindle, or it may be fastened to the spindle of a vertical milling machine or rack-cutting attachment. The scale or work to be graduated is clamped to the surface of the table parallel to the T-slots or mounted in a vise or a fixture. The dividing head spindle is geared to the table-feed screw with gears having a 1:1 ratio. The table is moved longitudinally by turning the index crank. Fractional parts of a turn are obtained by means of the index plates, the same as in plain indexing. The lines are cut by moving the table transversely under the point of the tool. The movement of the table crosswise is controlled with the hand feed.

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